Washburn Guitar info 100 year history - buy wasburn guitars at great discounts


Washburn Guitar info 100 year history - buy wasburn guitars at great discounts.

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Washburn WG16SCE Solid Cedar Top Acoustic Cutaway Electric Grand Auditorium Mahogany Guitar with Fishman Preamp And Tuner Washburn WG16SCE Solid Cedar Top Acoustic Cutaway Electric Grand Auditorium Mahogany Guitar with Fishman Preamp And Tuner
Solid cedar top and mahogany on the back and sides grace the wonderful Washburn WG16SCE Grand Autitorium. Under the saddle is a Piezo pickup and a Fishman Isys+ Tuner Preamp System meaning this guitar is going to perform brilliantly wherever you go. Featuring a rosewood fingerboard on a mahogany neck this high quality guitar also has a rosewood bridge, chrome die cast tuners, quartersawn scalloped bracing and bone nut and saddle. The beauty of this Washburn guitar is further enhanced by an abalone rosette, gloss finish, abalone purfling, body and neck binding, mother of pearl Washburn logo, a rosewood capped headstock and stylized W inlay. Your new Grand Auditorium will arrive already fitted with D'Addario strings.
Washburn Nuno Series N4 Vintage Electric Guitar Washburn Nuno Series N4 Vintage Electric Guitar
Legendard Nuno Bettencourt himself designed this guitar for the Washburn N Series. The beautiful N4 Vintage Electric features aged hardware and aged solid alder body. In the bridge we find nothing less than the Duncan 59 humbucker and Lawrence L-500 ensuring a strong authentic tone from this superb guitar.

Over 100 Years of Fine Stringed Instruments
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Tradition of craftsmanship for over one hundred years.
For more than a century the Washburn history has been as strong and great as the legendary Guitars they have built. With a tradition of innovation and craftsmanship Washburn has survived economic downturns, everchanging fashion and stiff competition. Founded in 1883 in Chicago the Washburn name is synonymous with the finest stringed instruments in the World. It is natural for serious guitarists to feel extremely passionate about guitars and for them nothing comes close to a Washburn.
A distinguished place in guitar history
Not every guitar brand can boast the existence of a book covering their history:
Washburn: 100 Years of Fine Stringed Instruments by John Teagle
Sadly out of print, originally published in 1996 by Music Sales Corp. Well worth obtaining a copy if you can find one. This book is a chronicle of Washburn's legacy.

The originator of the large-bodied acoustic guitar
In the book we read how Washburn has set standards and throughout teir history has aggresively innovated. Documentation exists that shows Washburn to be the first of the guitar manufacturers to have endorsments from artists and also the first to produce a large bodied acoustic guitar. Recently Washburn has become known for creating imaginative solidbody electric guitars and for their pioneering work in the design of electro-acoustic guitars. From the birth of Washburn in 1883 to the present day this book covers a century of Washburn's history. Washburn 100 Years history
Signature Series
The conclusion in the book marks a new beginning point for Washburn who have seen strong growth in the years after publication. These years have seen the continued innovation at Washburn blessed by the signature model guitars taking the names of Dimebag Darrell, Nuno Bettencourt, Jennifer Batten and Paul Stanley.

The Buzz Feiten Tuning System.
The Western formula for guitar tuning has inherent intonation issues and Washburn overcome these problems with a tempered tuning formula, The Buzz Feiten Tuning System utilising a compensated nut and saddle. Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Andy Summers and Liona Boyd are all fans of this tuning system invented by Buzz Feiten and it is now fitted as standard on all Washburn guitars and basses from the USA as well as some select import models. No other major manufacturer of guitars fits this tuning system as standard.
Dimebag Darrell
In 1983, Dallas Texas, the band Pantera were formed and started their ongoing musical evolution. Heavily inspired by the likes of KISS and Aerosmith, their first release Metal Magic in 1983 hinted of what the future had in store. The growing popularity of Metal Magic helped cause more public interest in the band and helped secure the position of support band for Stryper, Quiet Riot and Dokken touring nationally. Pantera's next album Projects In The Jungle saw them establishing their own sound and their guitarist Darrell Abbott round about this time decided to change his name to Dimebag Darrell. The Pantera sound became increasingly aggressive with the release of Power Metal which saw the introduction of Phil Anselmo, the current lead vocalist. Megadeth invited Dimebag Darrell to leave Pantera for them but he declined the offer. Dimebag Darrell co-designed the Dime-3 line of guitars during his long standing relationship with Randall and Washburn which started in the mid nineties. The Dime 3 is one of the best heavy metal guitars around today and is modeled after the Dean guitar, a favorite of Dime's. The Dime 3 features a Bill Lawrence active pickup, Floyd Rose tremolo, custom 'Dime approved' finishes and a Seymour Duncan rhythm pickup. Alternative rock had become increasingly popular in the 1990s but Pantera blew it out of the water with Cowboy's From Hell which rocked in serious heavy metal style with Dimebag's bone-crushing guitar riffs. Pantera placed themselves safely at the head of the heavy metal movement with the releases of Vulgar Display Of Power and The Great Southern Trendkill. Pulverizing power chords, insane tremolo arm use, dissonant intervals and a shredding lead vocals place Dimebag Darrel as a textbook exponent of technique in modern heavy metal guitar. In 1999 the Dimebag signature Randall amplifier was released, the Warhead. The Randall amps with their high-gain solid-state and scooped mid sound was the other essential element which produced the Dime sound with Dimebag's Washburn guitar.

Nuno Bettencourt
It was the release of their second album Pornograffiti in 1990 that saw Extreme quickly become rock superstars. Pornograffiti was a mixture of Van Halen type jams with some heavy funk along with two acoustic tracks which had quite a different musical feel. The track More Than Words became a huge radio hit helped by the extremely popular MTV Unplugged. Nuno Bettencourt's modern flashy guitar style took center stage during the band's many live performances through years touring. Nuno's original guitar was homemade but he changed that for a Washburn electric and Washburn acoustic in 1990. The Nuno signature model N4 electric came about from Nuno's ideas on a perfect guitar and the N4 is also available as a rock ready double-neck 6 string/ 12 string. The P-Series, now the Centurion Series of guitars was also co-designed by Nuno. 1995 saw the release of Extreme's 4th album Waiting For the Punchline and the following year Nuno quit the band as did the lead singer Gary Cherone who moved to Van Halen raplacing lead vocalist Sammy Hagar. In 1997 Nuno released his first solo album Schizophonic and backed up the release with tours. Nuno then moved on to a musical project Mourning Widows, featuring his nephew Donovan Bettencourt on bass, Jeff Consi drums and. Mourning Windows was their debut album in 1998, followed up by Furnished Souls for Rent in 2000.
Jennifer Batten
Jennifer Batten has arguably been the most well known female guitarist since the late 1980s when she emerged from the guitar underground. From the start Jennifer displayed complete and rare mastery of the Van Halen-type two handed tapping style, making her a a champion of the guitar press and leading to her writing an ongoing instructional column for Guitar Player magazine and appearing on the first compilation CD from Guitar For The Practicing Musician. Michael Jackson gave Jennifer her biggest break in 1987 when she was chosen out of more than one hundred guitarists to become featured guitarist in his tour band. Jennifer played to more than 4.5 million people as she toured the world repeatedly with Michael Jackson. A staggering 1.5 billion people viewed her appearance with Jackson in the Super Bowl 27 half time show, at the time the largest television audience in history. With increasing respect from her peers Jennifer was then invited in 1998 to join Jeff Beck's tour band and appeared on his album Who Else, on which she contributed guitar, guitar synthesizer and song ideas. With the Jeff Beck band Jennifer toured Japan, Europe, South America and the USA twice. Jennifer is quoted as saying "I joined Washburn in 1996. There seemed to be a buzz about the instruments being made and a feeling of innovation and openess to new ideas. When I received the Mavericks I was nervous about moving to a non strat type guitar but it fit like a glove right away." Jennifer has put to good use her signature model JB100 Midi, making it her chosen instrument for some time.

Paul Stanley
Paul Stanley aka the Starchild, is one quarter of KISS, the most theatrical band of all time. With over twenty albums and more than quarter century history they have been one of the most enduring bands in the world of rock. Pyrotechnics, makeup and catchy songwriting has always ensured a loyal fan base for KISS. In the late 1990s Paul Stanley designed a new Washburn signature guitar, the PS2000. That period also saw KISS have a resurgence in popularity reminiscentof their 1970s heydey. Their 18th studio album in 1998, Psycho Circus reached the highest debut position for any KISS record of Number 3 in the US charts. Psycho Circus reached Number 1 in Australia and Sweden.
Paul Stanley makeup:
Paul Stanley Starchild makeup (USA)
KISS Spaceman makeup (USA)
KISS Catman makeup (USA)
Gen Simmons Demon makeup (USA)
KISS Catman (UK)
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