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      We are all two persons - our conscious self and our subconscious self. Our conscious self fills in the application forms for an audition, prepares us for the audition and walks us out in front of our audience on audition day. So where was our subsconsious self during this process? The answer is that our sub-conscious self was in control all the time!

      In fact, our sub-conscious self controls our emotions and actions much more than many of us believe. Unfortunately, our sub-conscious tends to be pre-programmed with negatives. "I'm not ready for this audition", "My voice does not feel good today", "I'm too nervous to perform at my best". Maybe our sub-conscious has not really visualised success. Maybe it is trying to give us excuses for failing before we fail in order to 'soften the blow'.

      Through self hypnosis we talk directly to our sub-conscious self and re-program ourselves for success. Our subconscious is not intrinsically negative, but from childhood we become used to negative pre-programming. Since the summer of 2000 I have been using Sam A Brown's Self Hypnosis for Musicians. Sam's self-hypnosis program is packed full of positive affirmations for our musical sub-conscious. Through listening to Sam's CD we reprogram our sub-conscious self to become supportive and positive.

      My favourite tracks on the CD are;
  • Vocals
  • Pre-gig pep talk ( great for handling stage fright )
  • Confidence, Self-esteem and Stage Presence
  • Sight-Reading
  • Visualization
  • Perfect Practice and Concentration
"I try to think about what it's going to be like. I try to will the band to sound good. I try to act in a positive way and I try to create a picture of what I hope is going to happen on the stage. So it's a sort of meditation in a way, prior to performing." Sonny Rollins - tenor sax giant.

Sam A Brown's Self Hypnosis for Musicians

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I was doing a training course on NLP or "Neuro Linguistic Programming" to give it it's posh title. On the course we learned about a technique called modelling - where you work out what thinking patterns someone does when they are performing a skill. This 'modelling technique' had been applied to public speaking, spelling, phobia cures and all manner things - many of which are now becoming mainstream techniques thanks to the likes of Tony Robbins and Paul McKenna.
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