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Most musicians tend to think of Music123 as an internet business. While this is indeed true, not many realize that Music123 came out of a seventy five year old business spanning four generations.

Back in 1928, Music123 opened their first music store. It was a modest facility specializing in the repair and teaching of stringed and fretted instruments. Over the years the business was expanded to several stores, and included a wide assortment of products for everyone from the aspiring musician to the professional, the stores also provided lessons to over 800 students each week.

In 1999, was launched with over 10,000 name brand products. The ease of navigation and exciting features (including product reviews) coupled with low prices made the site an instant success.

Music123 has continued to build on that success. There are now over 125,000 products available on the site. The depth of product information is unequaled, and new products and services are featured daily.

2003 marks Music123's 75th year catering to musicians. Each year they innovate and take the business into new channels. Still, the basic formula of quality products and superior service at competitive prices remains unchanged.