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Hammond Organs for sale.

Hammond XK-3 Lower Manual - Pro Style Hammond XK-3c 73-Key Portable Keyboard
The Hammond Xk3c is the leading Hammond portable organ and the pinnacle keyboard of the legendary Hammond Model B3 family. It features reverse key presets, just like the B3, Touch Response Percussion, Chorus-Vibrato, and a High quality on board Digital Leslie.
Hammond XK-1 Drawbar Organ Hammond XK-1 Drawbar Organ
The new Hammond XK1c organ is the lightest and smallest Genuine Hammond Organ. This packs the sound of a genuine Hammond B3 Organ and Leslie Speaker in to a portable keyboard package. Using the same Virtual Tonewheel engine as found in the legendary B3 console organ.
Nord Electro 2 Seventy-Three Stage Piano/Organ Nord Electro Seventy-Three Stage Piano/Organ
Clavia was the winner of the MIPA award for 2002/2003 Best Stage Piano, and they have certainly proven that they know more than synthesizers. Both the piano sounds and the B3 sounds in the Electro are amazingly accurate. 73 Keys. Authentic digital simulations of Suitcase pianos, Rhodes MK I Stage & Wurlitzer, Clavinet B3 and D6!
Hammond Leslie Speaker 122XB with 30 Foot 6-pin Cable Hammond Leslie Speaker 122XB with 30 Foot 6-pin Cable
The Hammond Leslie 122XB is electrically identical to the model 122A, except that the 122XB contains an 11 pin Leslie connector, a quarter inch Line Input jack, quarter inch foot switch jack and an AC power switch. With these features the 122XB is easily connected to most current keyboard products. The Hammond Leslie 122XB is also designed to interface with newer Hammond keyboards and organs such as the new B3, Traditional and Pro XK Systems, and also the XK-3 keyboard, that contain an 11-pin Leslie connector.
Hammond XPK100 MIDI Pedal Board For XK-2 Hammond XPK100 MIDI Pedal Board For XK-2
The Hammond XPK100 MIDI pedal board for the XK2 - midi pedal has not just a midi-output, but also two inputs, which allow you to hook up two different keyboards which will be merged with the pedal data to the midi-output connector.