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Hammond Organs for sale.

Hammond XK-3 Lower Manual - Pro Style Hammond XK-3 Lower Manual - Pro Style
This pro-style keyboard addition to the XK-3 shows the versatility and power of the XK-3 platform. With no modifications to the XK-3 itself, adding this lower manual converts the XK-3 to a double-manual keyboard. This pro-style setup is ideal for a gigging organist who desires easy setup and the power of a B3.
Hammond XK-1 Drawbar Organ Hammond XK-1 Drawbar Organ
The Hammond XK-1 digital Combo organ is a pro keyboard powered by the most advanced VASEIII Digital tone wheel generator. It also utilizes many of the outstanding souds and features from our XK-3 keyboard. A new lightweight cabinet, 8 Extra Voice sounds such as Electric Piano, and real Hammond Drawbars make the XK-1 the "best buy" in its product class.
Nord Electro 2 Seventy-Three Stage Piano/Organ Nord Electro 2 Seventy-Three Stage Piano/Organ
Winning the MIPA award for 2002/2003 Best Stage Piano, Clavia has proven they know more than synthesizers. Both the pianos and the B3s in the Electro are stunningly accurate. The Nord Electro2 pushes the boundaries of what a stage piano can and should be. 73 Keys. Authentic digital simulations of Rhodes MK I Stage & Suitcase pianos, Wurlitzer, Clavinet D6 and B3!
Hammond XK-3 Lower Manual - Traditional Hammond XK-3 Lower Manual - Traditional
Wooden cabinet and lower manual and music stand for XK-3.
Hammond Leslie Speaker 122A with 30 Foot 6-pin Cable Hammond Leslie Speaker 122A with 30 Foot 6-pin Cable
The Hammond Leslie tone cabinet is designed for single-channel organs whose pedal range extends down into the lower frequencies. The sound is separated with the highs reproduced by a horn rotor and the lows reproduced by a bass rotor. Both the horn and bass rotors can be operated at two speeds: Fast (Tremolo) or Slow (Chorale). Also features a traditional 40W tube amplifier for the "warm tube" sound. The model 122A is specifically designed for older Hammond organs requiring a separate tone cabinet for sound reproduction, such as the A,B,C and RT models. Includes a 30' 6-pin cable.
Hammond XPK100 MIDI Pedal Board For XK-2 Hammond XPK100 MIDI Pedal Board For XK-2
The Hammond XPK100 MIDI pedal board - This midi pedal has not only a midi-output, but also 2 inputs, which allow you to hook up 2 different keyboards which will be merged with the pedal-data to the midi-output connector. Although this Hammond midi-pedal is usable with any keyboard, the combination with XM-1, XB-1, XB-2 or XK-2 makes for a real great setup.
Hammond XK-Bench - Pro Style Hammond XK-Bench - Pro Style
This folding metal stand is designed to work with the pro-style Hammond XK-System. Quick to setup and break down with no tools required for assembly.
Hammond Foot Switch Hammond Foot Switch
Foot switch for Hammond XB-2, XK-2, and XK-3 organs.
Hammond XK-Pedal Board Hammond XK-Pedal Board
The Hammond XK Pedalboard 25 note MIDI pedal board for the Hammond XK-System.
Hammond XM-2 Sound Module Hammond XM-2 Sound Module
This exciting pro drawbar organ module is powered by Hammond's most advanced VASE3 Digital tone wheel generator. The XM-2 utilizes many of outstanding sounds and features found in the XK-3.
The XM-2 synthesizer is a sound-generator that can reproduce all the unique Hammond organ-sounds using 'Digital Tone-wheels' powered by a double VASEIII-engine. This unit can operate on its own as a module in a studio-environment.
Hammond XK-Bench Hammond XK-Bench
Collapsible bench for the XK-System.
Hammond XMC-2 Drawbar Controller Hammond XMC-2 Drawbar Controller
The Hammond XMC-2 drawbar controller works with your MIDI keyboard and the XM-2 organ sound module to give the same control and feel that you'd have with a real Hammond organ.
Hammond EXP-100F Expression Pedal Hammond EXP-100F Expression Pedal
The Hammond EXP100A Expression pedal for XK-2, XK-3 and XE-1 keyboards.