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This is intended to be a list of voice teachers' web sites who provide worthwhile online articles/advice/Master Class information.
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      About these listings/disclaimer: This voice teachers listings page started when I created this site. Of course it is not possible to list all voice teachers on one page, so I started the Vocalist.og Regional Guide where voice teachers can list their details free of charge on a page specifically for their area.
I have received a little training from David Jones and I have sung once in one of his masterclasses. I can honestly recommend his website which is packed with great articles.
Ann De Renais & Angela Jackson are David Jones associates, and I therefore honestly recommend their workshops.
I have no connection with Mark Baxter other than knowing that he has a website with very good advice for rock singers.
Kristina Seleshanko is a member of theVocalist mailing list and her website has some useful tips.
Randy Buescher's website contains several articles worth reading if you are interested in or considering Speech Level Singing.
Dave Stroud is well known for his Speech Level Singing techniques. His website has several free, full length Master Class videos to view online.
A website listing on this page is purely at the discretion of the vocalist.org webmaster and the listings should therefore be viewed in that way. This page is very rarely updated - a site will only be added if the vocalist.org webmaster feels the site has worthy far reaching appeal outside of its geographical location.
SITE Description
Maestro David Jones After suffering vocal difficulties over a period of years, David Jones decided to seek out a vocal technician of Old World training. He found Alan R. Lindquest. It was Lindquest who helped him to understand the Old Italian School with the Swedish influence. The site has a good archive of interesting articles which are updated regulary. Also listed are schedules of his New York City Master Classes and Europe Teaching Schedule.
Click here for news of a Vocal Masterclass Day on May 11th 2008. London, England.
Ann De Renais Ann De Renais is a coloratura soprano who has studied with David Jones. Her website offers a brief background of her training with David, her repertoire and contact details for her singing lessons at her London Voice Studio. Ann also hosts occasional master classes by David Jones.
Click here for Ann's Resume.
Skype Singing Lessons Skype Singing Lessons provides professional level training for singers looking to take their voice to the next level. Don't live in our city? No problem. Our private voice lessons online can be done from the comfort of your own home. There, your Skype vocal coach will help you develop a healthy, balanced mix through warm ups and song application. Utilizing a balanced mix makes singing infinitely easier, giving you more range, vocal agility and stamina. To book a Skype voice lesson, simply visit our site or call (800)289-0088 and our scheduler will get you set up.
Angela Jackson's Vocal Workshops Arts-funded vocal workshops and concerts in Hampshire. Designed for all abilities.
Mark Baxter Mark Baxter has a great site for aspiring rock singers. Mark's client list includes Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Gary Cherone (Van Halen) and many more. You can contact Mark Baxter to arrange either "in person" or "video" lessons and take advantage of his free tips and insights on his site.
Kristina's Vocal Studio Kristina Seleshanko is an experienced vocalist, vocal trainer and coach. She has great "audition tips", an informative "growing as a singer" section, and much more on her site.
Speech Level Voice - Randy Buescher Randy Buescher is the only certified affiliate teacher of Seth Riggs in Illinois. Randy's application of this teaching technique covers all styles. His site contains several articles about his work and information about his Master Classes and Workshops. Audio samples are also available.
Dave Stroud Vocal Studio Dave Stroud's site is all about Speech Level Singing. There are several free, full length Master Class videos to view online and lots of information.

If you have a vocalist site, or know of a site which you feel should be listed here, please contact webmaster@vocalist.org