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For sale: digital pianos by Kawai, CE200, MP8 Professional Stage Piano, EP2 Portable


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Kawai CE200 Digital Piano icon Kawai CE200 Digital Piano
The CE200 features Kawai's award-winning AWA PRO II keyboard action. Utilizing long wooden keys, this action recreates both the weight and movement of their grand piano actions for an amazingly authentic piano feel and one of the finest digital piano actions available.
Exceptional Sound
The key to the CE200's exceptional sound is Kawai's acclaimed Harmonic Imaging Technology, capable of recreating the rich, vibrant sound of their 9-foot EX Concert Piano. From thunderous fortissimos to the most delicate pianissimos, this piano an an exceptional playable dynamic range. This revolutionary process gives the CE200 a remarkable recreation of Kawai's concert grand but many other instruments as well.
Powerful Features
The CE200 is packed with dozens of features. For starters, any two sounds can be played together in a layered or split keyboard. Virtual Voicing and Brilliance control allow you to mold the sound to your personal taste. User Touch can tailer the keyboard's feel to your unique playing style. Damper Effect, String Resonance and Half-Damper all add to an instruments realism. There's even built-in classical piano music (with songbook) for your listening and learning pleasure.
Kawai MP8II Professional Stage Piano icon Kawai MP8II Professional Stage Piano
The Kawai MP8II is a professional stage piano with authentic acoustic-style action and high-fidelity sounds fueled by Kawai's legendary expertise in crafting exceptional grand pianos. The acclaimed AWA PROII action is an innovative key design using real wooden keys with hammers and many characteristics from Kawai's legendary acoustic concert grand pianos. The action is appropriately graded for each playing range with bass key counter-balancing, and correctly located pivot points. By emulating both the weight and movement of their grand piano actions, the Kawai AWA PROII delivers an unmatched feel and response that satisfies the demands of even the most discerning pianist.
Kawai EP2 Portable Digital Piano icon Kawai EP2 Portable Digital Piano
Harmonic imaging sound source. 88 key, graded-hammer action. 96-note polyphony. 17 sounds. 6 types reverb, chorus, delay, tremolo, rotary. Dual and split keyboard modes. 6 x 5cm speaker system w/bass-reflection system. 26w power (13w x 2). Headphone (2), pedal line-in (L/R), line-out (L/Mono), MIDI (in/out/thru), USB connections. Dimensions: 53.5"W x 12.5"D x 5.5"H. Weight: 45.5lbs.
Kawai MP5 Professional Stage Piano icon Kawai MP5 Professional Stage Piano
The Kawai MP5 is a professional stage piano that continues the heritage of Kawai's highly acclaimed MP9000 and MP95000 electronic pianos. With 256 high-quality instrument sounds, Kawai includes their famous Concert Grand piano sound along with a newly sampled alternative grand piano, plus dozens of other instruments. The MP5 stage piano incorporates the Advanced Hammer Action IV with Acoustic Reaction technology, featuring a graded-hammer action. AHA IV delivers uncompromising feel in a surprisingly lightweight and portable keyboard action.