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For sale: digital pianos by Kawai, CE200, MP8 Professional Stage Piano, EP2 Portable


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Kawai CE200 Digital Piano Kawai CE200 Digital Piano
The Kawai CE200, featuring Kawai's award winning AWA PRO II keyboard action. Utilizes long wooden keys. The action recreates both the weight and movement of Kawai's grand piano actions for an authentic piano touch and definitely among the finest digital piano actions available.
Exceptional Sound
The key to the Kawai CE200 fantastic sound is Kawai's highly acclaimed Harmonic Imaging Technology, which is capable of recreating the vibrant, rich sound of their 9 foot EX Concert Piano. From huge fortissimos to most delicate pianissimos, this piano has an exceptional playable dynamic range.
Powerful Features
The Kawai CE200 has dozens of features. For a start, any two sounds can be played together in a split or layered keyboard. Brilliance control and virtual voicing allow you to hone the sound to your personal requirement.
Kawai MP11SE 88-key Professional Stage Piano Bundle Kawai MP11SE 88-key Professional Stage Piano Bundle
Kawai MP11SE 88-key Professional Stage Piano Bundle with 3 pedals, Roland Headphones, 4-Legged Stand, X Bench, Dust Cover and 2 Audio Cables. Grand Feel weighted Ivory Touch wooden key action with triple sensors and let off. Features Harmonic Imaging XL with 88-key piano sampling and 256-note polyphony. Forty onboard sounds including jazz, concert, and pop grand pianos.