Many different karaoke mp3 downloads, music tracks, kareoke, MIDI files, backing vocals, real musicians, tracks for weddings have fun at any social gathering with lots of singing!
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Karaoke downloads, mp3 songs, downloadable music tracks.

      Karaoke downloads can be a fun way to get backing tracks for the songs you love. We have seen however that there is confusion over the best type of downloadable karaoke music to search for. Some music tracks you find will be midi files with lyrics attached. The good news is that these midi files tend to be free, but the bad news is that they are likely to not be legal and they vary a great deal in how they sound. Also, a midi file will only sound at its best if you have spent time and probably money configuring your sound card with good sound fonts.
      We will therefore only advise that you download legal mp3 songs which will always sound at their best, will always be totally legal and will give you the most enjoyment.
      Three Free Hymn Karaoke MP3 Backing Tracks to download
We are pleased to present three free MP3 backing tracks for well loved hymns. These are ideal hymn karaoke backing tracks for weddings or similar gatherings.

High On Love - Patty Loveless

Downloadable karaoke songs;
  • Karaoke Version Recommended website for karaoke playbacks and backing music, upto date with the latest music trends and the biggest tunes.

  • Karaoke Version Deutschland die Spitzen-Website für Karaoke-Playbacks und Begleitmusik, bietet Ihnen die neuesten Musiktrends und die größten

  •        Emusic, & Amazon are an ideal source for accompaniment music, community, discussion and, most of all, fun. It is their goal to provide high quality, reasonably priced soundtracks of all the latest popular songs direct to the public using the convenient MP3 format. Their tracks are not MIDI files but real musicians playing real instruments complete with live backing vocals. The difference is clear. Their tracks sound better and offer a bigger bang for the buck when compared to anything else available on the Internet.
          They have been in the business of supplying wholesale music to the accompaniment music industries for many years. Their continuously growing library of over 65000 songs offers you the ability to find what you're looking for without the hassle of having to leave your home or work plus the convenience of 24-hour service.
    Recording Issues
    This section deals with the legalities and how-to's of copying and/or recording with musical tracks you download from Emusic, or Amazon. Although all the music content on their sites is copyrighted, and that copyright is not to be infringed upon, you have certain privileges with respect to your downloaded music and they grant you a limited, non-exclusive, license to use the music for personal use in copying, recording and public performance.
    Be advised that we have set forth below what the sites agree that you are permitted and not permitted to do with the music accessed through their sites. There are other copyrights involved that we do not have the authority to license to you. Generally, the recording, performing or broadcasting of any song on which a copyright is held involves mechanical licensing or performance rights due to the songwriters and publishers.
    For more information on mechanical rights for recording or sync rights for inclusion in motion pictures or television, contact The Harry Fox Agency.
    So What Do Emusic, and Amazon Permit Me to Do? You can make copies on cassette, CD or other medium for your own personal use as United States copyright law allows. You can record your vocal with our tracks for your own personal, non-commercial use, as a gift to your mother, other relative or a friend or as a demo for a recording or music professional to evaluate. You can publicly perform a vocal with any track you download from The Singing Station. However, performing in commercial establishments with downloaded music from our website may necessitate additional licensing. For more information contact ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) or BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.). You cannot record your vocal with any music acquired from or through The Singing Station for the purpose of distribution, without additional licensing. Manufacturing or distribution of musical product of any kind, for commercial or non-commercial use, is strictly prohibited without written permission from The Singing Station.
Beatles Songs Karaoke Music specialists;
  • Beatles Karaoke Music
    Every song track is exactly reproduced note for note. The Freeport Factory have recreated the music like the Beatles actually played it; drum beats, bass parts, keyboards, guitar parts, orchestra, audience sounds, etc., all as close to the original as possible. Not only have they used the same instruments but they've used the same tone and texture as well. All tracks are High Quality CD Grade Audio files in Stereo format.
OK, if you are going to be playing karaoke mp3 backing tracks you will probably need a good free mp3 player;
You will probably also want to find song lyrics;
  • The Lyric Library Good source for a variety of styles. Also has links to many other lyric sites.
  • Hit Haven Good source for current Pop lyrics.
  • Free lyrics, no hassles, no popups, just great Country Music Lyrics. Thousands of songs, hundreds of artists, reviews and feature articles.

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