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Valdesta Digital Pianos for sale.

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Over 100 Years of Experience
The Valdesta line of digital pianos combines the experience and expertise of Italian keyboard manufacturing with state-of-the art technologies - at an affordable price. These pianos are specifically designed to provide the elegance and tradition of a hand-crafted instrument with the affordability and value that you're looking for. Designed and engineered by some of the worlds' best engineers and music instrument factories, Valdesta pianos are unique pieces of art that bring years of musical enjoyment. By utilizing 112 years' design and craftsmanship experience from Italy, combined with the cost-saving production capability of Asia, these amazing instruments offer you the best of both worlds in regards to price and luxury. Valdesta is offered exclusively in the US by a very select group of piano retailers and each piece promises to provide you the best digital piano value on the market!

Traditional Acoustic Pianos
Always in search of the finest values in musical instruments, we have contracted with a major piano manufacturer to produce a custom line of grand and vertical pianos to exacting specifications. We've chosen a major producer building pianos in a new, ultra-modern facility using highly skilled labor to create truly world-class pianos. Our commitment that we have to our loyal customers will be evident in the resounding tone, beautiful finishes and distinctive styling of the Valdesta piano line. A piano has nearly 12,000 parts of which almost 8,000 are moving. A quality piano takes nearly a year to build from tree to piano. In the Valdesta piano, integral parts of the highest quality are shipped from around the world to create a piano thatís perfect for the beginner musician or the accomplished pianist. Whether you are looking your first vertical piano or are interested in the wonderful experience that is a grand, you can be certain that your Valdesta is an investment that will provide a lifetime of musical pleasure, and will be a family treasure for generations.

Rick Wakeman of Yes uses Valdesta!
At the beginning of the year YES recorded a DVD of some of their classic music in acoustic form . A DVD was subsequently made , and entitled YESACOUSTIC , it went to number one on the UK DVD charts by it's second week of release . The acoustic YES proved so popular with fans that they decided to include a 40 minute acoustic set within their 35 year anniversary world tour. A real acoustic piano was not the answer for stage and so the criteria was an instrument that sounded great , with other options on board as well , plus it had to look great . After considerable searching on the Internet , I decided upon the Valdesta Concerto 1000 . The reviews on the net were excellent and so I took these at face value and ordered one . To say I was more than happy when it arrived is an understatement . It has travelled already all over America and Europe and has not only performed tremendously well but has been 100% reliable despite being dragged in and out of flight cases night after night . Digital pianos need to sound good and look good for stage . The Valdesta Concerto 1000 had both these attributes .