Media streaming solution providing an easy non technical way to stream sound data on the internet, a useful Internet Marketing Strategy, Perfect for speech and music/singing.
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Streaming Audio Server - Internet Marketing Strategy

An easy way to stream audio on a web site. Perfect for speech and music/singing.
        A good Streaming Audio Server as part of your internet marketing strategy can be an invaluable resource. Your target audience is becoming more multimedia aware all the time and sensible deployment of audio streams can help make your web site stand out from the crowd.
        You may have found that deploying an audio stream on your site is unfortunately a confusing matter. You may have tried to study the pros and cons of the various competing audio-technology companies. You may have started to consider how much technical knowledge it will take to even get a short audio clip on your site. Will you need to learn the technology yourself? Will you need to pay a web consultant to deploy your audio stream? Will you have to pay your hosting company to set up a stream-server and will you have escalating running costs as your site uses more bandwidth to stream the audio clips?
        The answer to the above questions is most likely yes unless you use a brand new sound streaming tool named Audiogenerator™
        Audiogenerator™ is incredibly simple to use, yet incredibly powerful. Audiogenerator™ subscribers can add streamed audio to their websites in 3 simple steps. 1.Call the Audiogenerator™ Recording Hotline. 2.Record their message LIVE! 3.Cut and paste one line of text. Easy! Alternatively, record a music MP3, log on to your Audiogenerator™ via the web, upload your MP3 file and then Cut and paste one line of text to your website.
        There are no expensive web consultants to pay, no servers to set up, no extra bandwidth fees to your hosting provider. With one low subscription cost to Audiogenerator™ all your audio stream needs are covered so your internet marketing strategy can now easily include multimedia.
  • Server for Streaming Music MP3s - Provide streaming music on your website easily and quickly. The visitor to your site does not need any 'plugins'. The bandwidth used to stream the MP3 music does not come from your website so you do not have escalating hosting costs if your music is popular.
  • Talking Emails - Liven up your you emails by making them talk to your prospects, subscribers and customers. The members on your online lists will feel like you are right there with them.
  • Homepage Voice Messages Welcome your first-time visitors to your Website with your own voice. This makes you stand out from the crowd. Click here to try it out!
  • Talking E-zines - Put e-zines on marketing steroids and stop being boring! How many e-zine publishers do you know who have a talking e-zine? Be the first in your industry and watch the ad dollars and product order come flooding in!
  • Voice Updates - Let your site visitors or subscribers hear you updates in your own words. The written word is limiting, but prospects are easier seduced into making a purchase whenever they're exposed the human voice.
  • Audio Learning - Let people learn through your voice, or the voice of a professional speaker. Instead of letting them read your lessons, let them hear them. That how they like to learn most. And that's why "distance learning" companies like Nightingale-Conant are successful in building multi-million businesses with the power of the human voice!
  • Audio Postcards - Reach out to your best customers and prospects during holidays, or the big moments - like birthdays - by adding sound to your email postcards. Because this feature alone is worth 50 times the cost of your subscription, it pays Click here to try it out!
  • Clobber Competitors - Competition on the Internet is getting fierce with over 37 million Websites online and 50,000 new Websites that go live each week. "Voice Marketing" instantly adds value to your Website and gives you a first-mover advantage over your competitors.
  • Audio Testimonials This is one of the top benefits of how AudioGenerator™ gives you an unfair advantage of your closest competitors. You customers and colleagues simply call into our toll-free testimonial Hotline ... and for just pennies, you'll have captivating voice testimonials uploaded to your Websites within seconds!
  • Voice-Activate Sales Messages - Give that extra touch to your Websites sales copy, FAQs, About Us pages and ... any other page you can think of ... by having your prospects hear about your product or service through the power of your own voice.
  • Instant Rapport Social psychologists tell us that humans are more likely to trust you if they can hear you AND see you because you bring more "communication modalities" into the mix. For this reason alone, it makes sense Click here to try it out!