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Portable Amps & Battery Powered PA Systems

Pignose Original Portable Amp Pignose Original Portable Battery Powered Amp
The ultimate and legendary portable amplifier. The Pignose is powered by six penlight batteries or by an optional AC 9V converter , which can be stored inside the amp case. Pignose brings to electric players the portability of an acoustic. It can even be slung over your shoulder on your guitar strap. Possible fun and expressive tones from clean to hog-filth with the turn of possibly the world's coolest volume knob.
Pignose Hog 20 Amp Pignose Hog 20 Amp
This is the portable amplifier you have been dreaming of!. The Hog 20 is battery powered and rechargeable ( it can be just plugged into a wall socket for recharge!). It boasts a beautiful clean sound, is pleasingly loud for its size, and of course it has that cool Pignose look. Street musicians worldwide use and love this portable amp. The Hog 20 is easily slung over a shoulder, strapped on to a bicycle, propped up by a park bench, set in the sand on the beach or wherever you can think of!
Pignose Hog 30 Amp Pignose Hog 30 Amp
The Pignose Hog 30 is a portable amp which was made with bass, acoustic guitar and keyboard players in mind. Portability combined with power needed? then no need to look further! The Pignose Hog 30 front panel features volume and master volume controls, as well as a Funk Bass™ switch for extra punch and depth. Rear panel features include headphone and line out jacks.
Roland CUBE Street Battery Powered Stereo Guitar Combo Amp Roland CUBE Street Battery Powered Stereo Guitar Combo Amp
The Roland CUBE Street is the amp for all musicians on the move. Any time versatility and portability is needed, the battery powered CUBE Street guitar amp is a wonderful thing always ready to travel. The CUBE Street sounds fantastic and is easily capable of high-volume output thanks to dual digital power amplifiers and a pair of high performance neodymium speakers. Included are great built-in effects and amp models!
Line 6 Micro Spider 6W 1x6.5 Guitar Combo Amp Line 6 Micro Spider 6W 1x6.5 Guitar Combo Amp
The Line 6 Micro Spider amplifier features 4 excellent electric guitar sounds from Clean to Insane, a stunning acoustic guitar sound and 6 Smart Control FX to provide you with an amazingly wide tonal range. Plus, with intuitive features like an integrated chromatic tuner, microphone input with dedicated trim knob and POD 2.0-style direct out, Micro Spider is equally useful on vacation, at home or in the studio.
Powered by 6 C batteries, and weighing in at 7 pounds, Micro Spider guitar amp is always at your side whenever musical inspiration strikes.
Boss Micro Cube RX 5W 4x4 Guitar Combo Amp Roland Micro Cube RX 5W 4x4 Guitar Combo Amp
This is the Roland Micro Cube guitar amp. It is small, loud, proud and outputs in true stereo. This little amp is an overachiever with serious bombast in a small body with a stereo power amplifier and 4 redesigned custom speakers.
Speaker Tech
The cutting-edge speakers used in the Roland Micro Cube RX are custom designed and built specially for Micro Cube RX amps.
Stereo Power Amps
With 2 specially made power amplifiers and 4 speakers contained in each, the RX amplifier produces an immersive, stereo sound. The true stereo engine also allows bass tones that defy the size of the cabinet.
Battery Drive
The Roland Micro Cube Rx amp can run on battery or AC power (AC adaptor included).

Crate started receiving awards in 1989, and has been winning big ever since. Of course, what you care about is how your Crate amp will help you make better music. Knowing that so many Crate amps have been recognized by consumers, retailers and the music industry press, adds to your assurance of our ongoing commitment to bring you the finest products available.
Crate offers the widest variety of innovative and useful amps with digital technology available. Digital technology is powerful, versatile and brings you a world of sound options. There are a number of different products offering digital technology in compact, powerful packages.
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Marshall Amplification began in 1962 in London England. It was here that Jim Marshall had a music shop and taught the drums. As you all know, music shops are not just a place where musicians try and buy gear but are also places where musicians go to chat and spend the time of day. In this respect the Marshall shop was no different from any other music shop. As drummers came to his shop, so came their guitarists. Their guitarists spoke to him about what guitars they wanted and the qualities they were looking for in a guitar amplifier. Qualities that they couldn't find elsewhere at that time. It was from such conversations that Jim embarked upon the amp manufacturing business and it is a journey that he is still on today and enjoys as much as ever.
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Pignose Portable Public Address System
Beginning with the Legendary Pignose battery-powered portable amp 30 years ago, and continuing through the ensuing years with recharging battery-powered amps and all-tube amps, Pignose has always been an industry innovator. Now, Pignose has announced the introduction of the company's latest breakthrough product - the Lil' P.A.(™) Portable Public Address System.
The Lil' P.A. is a battery/AC powered high quality music and voice amplifier which comes complete with a wired high quality microphone and a choice of optional microphones (wireless lav, or wireless hand-held), a 5.25" full range speaker, batteries, AC adapter and shoulder strap. Two inputs are - a 1/4" phone jack (microphone), and a 1/8" mini-plug jack (CD, aux input). The compact and versatile unit measures 10" x 8" x 10".
The Lil' P.A. is capable of producing high volume levels and can be heard over a distance of one-half mile. It is designed for a limitless number of applications including business, meetings, product demonstrations, schools, churches, clubs, sales, trade shows, parties, camping, picnics, tours, lectures, sermons, home, music, and more.
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