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Voice Teachers in Turkey
Name: Danielle Eva
Pro vocalist from New York teaching voice technique in Istanbul. Jazz, blues, and pop.
City: Istanbul Email:  danielleeva@hotmail.com 

Vocal Coaches in Turkey
Name: Emre Yücelen
You can practice on Turkish Music Modes and the vocal techniques in Turkish music, in Istanbul, with Emre Yucelen. Your attendance to the programme can be just one week or may vary according to the length of time you are going to spent in Istanbul. We can feel free to determine a programme.
On our practice;
- Fundamental Classic Turkish Music Modes are shown detailed by musical instruments and vocals
- Moreover, in order for you to understand better the modes that you ve learnt, experienced Turkish performers comes to our studio to play the instruments such as: reed flute, baglama , kanun and lute.
- The technical and musicologic (bilmiyorum boyle bir kelime varmi.) differences between Turkish Folk Music and Classical Turkish Music.
- Breathing and vocal exercises, tune up exercises
- A repertoire with songs of Turkish Folk Music and Classical Turkish Music
- Vocalism training for unique Turkish Music
- Audio and video recording in every lesson
If you want any further practice, apart from the basis training, we can extend our programme in order to your requests
City: Istanbul Email:  emreyucelen@gmail.com  Phone: 02165404289

Professional Session Singers in Turkey
Name: AyhanTANYEL
City: Istanbul Postcode: 80630 Email:  ayhantanyel@hotmail.com 

Choirs in Turkey
Name: Association of Turkish Polyphonic Choirs
I am a member of the adults choir in the Association of Turkish Polyphonic Choirs. Our choir have been performing in Turkey for 15 years.
City: Ankara Email:  tunay06@gmail.com  Phone: (0312) 2556751