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Date:  Wed Feb 13, 2002  3:59 pm
Subject:  Re: [vocalist] RE: Breathing

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> where he taught breathing exercises very similar to those
> in singing. Therefore, I can't agree with you.
my problem with the breathing taught in yoga is slow inhalation. it
may be great for yoga but, it sucks for singing.

> >schools are much more
> "holistic", they don't necessarily have to work on breathing to improve it.
> It's the same with Alexander Technique for singers. It was for no other
> reason that I said I don't believe Western Science can do much about it.
when i was in college, i had a wonderful stage movement teacher. he
was a trager practitioner and a reiki master. he incorporated yoga,
feldenkrais and other 'holistic' elements in our three hour classes. it was
great. for the last hour, we would take turns singing. no one sang any
better but, we sure were happier with our lack of skills.

singing well, technically, is a skill. if you have the skill, and
execute that skill, it will be technically good whether you are a well
balanced, loving being well down the path toward nirvana or, a sick and evil,
scheming bastard. while i would agree that the acquisition of a skill, for
some, might be helped by a holistic approach for the whole being, i would
point out, for others, it can be an annoying waste of time and hope, when
looking for specific answers to specific problems related to a specific task.

said he, typing on his product of western science,