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Date:  Tue Feb 12, 2002  10:19 am
Subject:  Re: [vocalist] Breathing Exercise Results

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<< I Wasn't Practicing Slow Inhalation. This Was An Exercise That
Measures Your Natural, *Un~Controlled* Breathing Patterns.......
And I Found It Was Great For Relaxation And DID Help Me To Breathe More
Deeply And Evenly....... >>

This is true. It's a common yoga exercise to breathe in one nostril for a
count of 4 and out thru the other nostril...

Rose, may I ask why you capitalize every word? I just find it very hard to
read. I finally got used to Mike's no-punctuation ... just read his stuff as
if it were ee cummings. But I'm reading your stuff as if it's Emily
Dickinson and it's hurting my eyes! :)

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