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Date:  Tue Feb 12, 2002  10:09 am
Subject:  Re: [vocalist] Breathing Exercise Results

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> Starting: When I Breathed It Took About 5 Seconds For A Full
> Inhalation/Exhalation

i don't understand why you want to practice slow inhalation.


I Wasn't Practicing Slow Inhalation. This Was An Exercise That
Measures Your Natural, *Un~Controlled* Breathing Patterns.......
And I Found It Was Great For Relaxation And DID Help Me To Breathe More
Deeply And Evenly.......

As I've Said Before, I'm A Very UN~Technical Person And I Was Posting
The Results Of The Exercise Here So That The Lovely Gentleman Who Gave
Me The Exercise Could See Them <And Maybe Even Expain Them To Me>