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Date:  Tue Apr 23, 2002  1:18 pm
Subject:  Re: [vocalist] Breathering exercises

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> Yes, swimming and other aerobic exercises are great for the body and for
> the breathing apparatus in general, but proper use of the breath for
> singing is a specific coordinated effort which must be practiced in and
> of itself. To me, this means learning to understand how inhalation
> occurs, how breath is released to travel to the vocal folds to create
> sound, how to achieve the
> proper breath pressure for a healthy coordinated onset, and how to
> coordinate the release of breath by using the proper muscles and
> practicing this coordination in a rhythmic fashion.

great answer, sharon. as an asthmatic who has taught lifeguards, i
am convinced breathing in singing is solely about breath management, not
about the amount of breath.