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From:  "Sharon Szymanski" <szy@n...>
Date:  Tue Apr 23, 2002  4:19 pm
Subject:  RE: [vocalist] Breathering exercises

Go Swimming!
Dolphin aura <dolphin_aura@y...> wrote: I'm finding i'm losing my
breath support. please give
me some breathing exercises that can help me... thanks
in advance

Yes, swimming and other aerobic exercises are great for the body and for
the breathing apparatus in general, but proper use of the breath for
singing is a specific coordinated effort which must be practiced in and
of itself. To me, this means learning to understand how inhalation
occurs, how breath is released to travel to the vocal folds to create
sound, how to achieve the
proper breath pressure for a healthy coordinated onset, and how to
coordinate the release of breath by using the proper muscles and
practicing this coordination in a rhythmic fashion. I try to provide a
basic understanding of this process to the student, using sustained
speech as a way to help them feel what we're after, then work
individually from there (each student is different, so the process from
that point may differ from one to another).

I sang for years (pretty successfully too!) without truly harnessing the
power and control the breath affords, and it was a complete revelation
when I finally felt things working correctly. It is not difficult for
most, but you need to find someone who can really show you how it works,
and how to achieve it. This is the most helpful advice I can give you.

Sharon Szymanski
The Szymanski Studio - "encouraging excellence in the vocal arts"