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From:  Dean FH Macy <deanmacy@a...>
Date:  Sat Apr 13, 2002  6:58 pm
Subject:  Re: [vocalist] Breathering exercises

Dolphin aura wrote:

> I'm finding i'm losing my breath support. please give me some breathing
> exercises that can help me... thanks in advance

Go to your dollar store and pick up a bag of 9" or 12" Helium type balloons.
I pay $1 for 25 9". While standing, blow one up in the morning as far as you
are comfortable, release the air and blow it up again. Put it aside and
follow the same regimin at night. You may do it a third time if you wish
during the day. Do this every day for two weeks. Your breath support will
more than double. Guaranteed!

Easy, huh?

Dean FH Macy, DLit/Mus

"Success does not come with the gifts from God.
Success comes from the talents you develop from
the gifts He gives you." (Riker-New Generation)

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