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From:  "Caio Rossi" <caiorossi@t...>
Date:  Wed Feb 13, 2002  4:33 pm
Subject:  Re: [vocalist] RE: Breathing

Mike:> while rolfing and yoga may be good for the body (which, in a marxist
kind of way, includes the soul), the breathing practiced in yoga is foolish
for singing

Mmm... I've done and seen people doing exercises from Patanjali Yoga where
they expanded their rib cages and breathed in and out just like Lloyd
prescribes. I also had a book by the guy who introduced yoga in Brazil,
Prof. Hermógenes, where he taught breathing exercises very similar to those
in singing. Therefore, I can't agree with you.

>and rolfing does not deal with breathing directly. )rolfing
deals with the 'reassignament' of connective tissue.)

I know that, but that's the point: as those schools are much more
"holistic", they don't necessarily have to work on breathing to improve it.
It's the same with Alexander Technique for singers. It was for no other
reason that I said I don't believe Western Science can do much about it.