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Date:  Mon Feb 11, 2002  5:00 pm
Subject:  Re: [vocalist] RE: Breathing

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> The evenness of exhalation will allow one to carry a long phrase or note.

This may be getting redundant, but Mike and Randy's posting is right on. One
can not easily control one's exhalation without some sort of resistance. In
an open tube, the more air you take in the faster it will go out, without
some sort of obstruction.(Blowing up a balloon is a great way to demonstrate
this) For us, the obstruction is the vocal folds. To most efficiently
control the exhalation, one would first learn how to properly adduct the
focal folds, basically learning how to open and shut the "valve." THis then
becomes the main controller of the air, not the abdomen or intercostals.
Again, back to fixing the problem or the symptom.

Hope this helps,
Mary Beth Felker.