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From:  buzzcen@a...
Date:  Mon Feb 11, 2002  4:38 pm
Subject:  Re: [vocalist] RE: Breathing

In a message dated 2/11/2002 9:08:53 AM Central Standard Time,
LeaAnn@k... writes:

> That's a strong assertion that I don't find true. It is important and part
> of the process, but if you breath correctly and don't have proper
> adduction
> of the folds throughout the registers, or breath well and cannot get a
> proper
> coupling of the vocal tract with the larynx you're screwed ... no matter
> how
> well you breathe.
> Randy Buescher
> No, one's arguing with that....the person in question was asking about
> exercises to help them hold a note or a long phrase.
> Lea Ann

What I was responding to and you (most likely inadvertently misrepresented)
was the poster's response that breathing was the "key" (I'm paraphrasing) to

Randy Buescher