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Date:  Mon Feb 11, 2002  3:14 pm
Subject:  Re: [vocalist] RE: Breathing

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LeaAnn@k... writes:

> that you take no more than a normal speaking breath when you sing...you
> don't take a bigger breath to sing a long phrase at all? How could this
> be? How can you possibly hold a long note or phrase with a shallow breath?

you are making an assumption that a normal breath is shallow. and,
even if it were shallow, how long a phrase are you talking about. it is
likely that you can talk just as long, on one breath, as any phrase you would
ever sing. singing uses less breath than talking so, you would need even
less breath for singing than speaking for an equal duration.

another problem created by the 'suck all the air out of the
surrounding four counties' method is that the singer often gets all jammed up
with air making the managment of that air, more difficult. meaning, the
singer then has to keep all that air from jamming up the larynx from below.