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From:  "Tuğba Tatlı" <tugba81tr@h...>
Date:  Sun Feb 10, 2002  9:03 pm
Subject:  Help please..Breathing problem.

hi.. :))
I'm a 20 years old female student from Turkey and I'm new to the group. I'm
actually a teory-compostion student but my only aim and dream is being an
opera singer. I started taking lessons 1 month ago and I have a problem now.
As you can guess:"Correct breathing".( Sorry for my bad english..)
The problem is,Until now, I always heard that when we inhale, our waist and
belly must expand. But my teacher tells that my rib cages must expand. The
problem is, when I expand my rib cages, my belly goes inside.?? And when I
give my breath while my rib cages are open(and trying not to close them) I
feel pain in my bach. I'm so confused. This teknic doesn't seem natural to
me. And I need help.
I know that this group discusses more serious things but here is the only
place I can trust now. I hope I can get an answer. Thanks a lot from now..:)


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