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From:  John Link <johnlink@n...>
Date:  Sat Feb 2, 2002  7:23 pm
Subject:  Re: [vocalist] Amount of air used in singing

Mirko wrote:

>I had an interesting lesson yesterday. We deduced that I generally use to
>much air during singing. I tend to consciously breath in after phrases,
>instead of just letting the diaphragm lower and the breath be sucked in
>automatically. I often fill up on way to much air (a feeling of security I
>guess) and then there is a leakage of air at the end of the phrase. Problem
>is, when I don't breathe in, I feel slightly nauseated or dizzy, like i'm
>not getting enough air.
>Has anybody else encountered this prob?

Mirko, I also used to use too much air, intentionally inhaling and
then being unable to exhale fully. I think that the breathing lesson
(based on the work of Carl Stough) that I've previously posted might
be helpful to you in learning to breath without needing to
"consciously breath in after phrases". The basic idea is to practice
increasing the length of the exhalation and then letting the
inhalation just happen. Here's the link:


Good luck,
John Link

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